At A Glance

iPad Schools is almost here!  Please download the agenda here.  If you have not been receiving e-mail from us in the last few days, Please contact Christopher Sokolov to get any issues resolved.  You should have received a notice with a link/enrollment code to our iTunes U course.  Still want to come but never registered?  Ask Christopher about last minute openings that may become available!

iPad Schools is a three-day retreat that will transform your team and your ability to lead and educate in a technology-infused world.  Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California provides the perfect environment for you to work, reflect, learn, and build your specific program with inspiration and guidance from leading educators from iPad schools!

Your team will work as a group and with facilitators and other educators to deeply impact your own environment at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.

Participants at iPad Schools 2013 learning with each other
Sessions are designed to encourage active learning and focused team work takes inspiration and uses it in real planning. Check out the agenda of learning activities!

Focused Learning – Specific Tracks

You are invited to take part in one of two tracks:

Track 1: School teams at early stages of iPad implementation
Track 2: School teams with established iPad programs looking to go deeper throughout the organization and the learning experience.

Why this seminar?

By “retreating” as a school team, you will be able to make real progress on your actual program in an environment supported by experts and leaders in the educational technology world. Our team tracks are designed to equip your team with strategic planning tools and the nuts and bolts needed to build and develop effective teaching and learning programs that integrate iPads.  Inspirational workshops are followed by opportunities to situate the learning of teams into actual curriculum planning for the 2014-2015 school year.  Check out our agenda of learning activities.

Who are the facilitators?

All tracks are facilitated by inspired and talented educators and leaders from Hillbrook and other leading schools who have experienced the challenges, realities, and possibilities of meaningful iPad integration and institutional growth. See our Who We Are page to read more about our excellent facilitators and speakers.

Who should come?

Our retreat is tailored to fit the needs of the teams that come from a range of settings including elementary, middle, and high schools. We require teams of 3 or more, which should include teachers and administrators. Schools that sign up with larger teams are invited to inquire about our discount structure.

How do you make sure learning is meaningful? How does technology help transform teaching and learning? What systems are in place at our school and how might they improve the likelihood of our program being effective?  How do we assess learning and impact with integrated technology?  Come, retreat, and learn together this June at iPad Schools!